Meet Ambassador, Jacob!

March 20, 2018

Hello, friends! We'd love for you to meet Children's Eyeworks Ambassador, Jacob, from South Florida!

Jacob is three years old and wears the "Reagan" frame by Swing Eyewear in Steel Blue. We think this color was made to enhance those bright, beautiful eyes, don't you?

Jacob loves to play with play-dough at school, and enjoys going to the movies, outings at the park or the beach (hello, Florida sun!), and is a proud Philadelphia Eagles fan, along with his parents, Daniel and Rachelle.

While it took some getting used to, what Jacob loves most about his new glasses is that they allow him to see better. He was taught early on by his parents how to properly care for, clean, and keep his glasses safe when not in use. Finding age-appropriate eyewear is also of utmost importance, and not all eyewear is created equal. 

We think Daniel and Rachelle have made some great choices since discovering Jacob needed glasses, and we applaud them both. It's not always an easy adjustment at first, but it's certainly well-worth it. 

Swing Eyewear is an excellent choice for young children as they produce quality eyewear that's durable, colorful, light-weight, and even hypoallergenic! They use organic food-coloring to achieve those vibrant colors. How's that for a pair of glasses?

[Jacob is wearing the "Reagan" frame by Swing Eyewear in Steel Blue. He is wearing an anti-glare coating on his prescription lenses for optimum visual acuity.] 

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